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  • Craft For Pea Protein
    Sep 13, 2016

    Pea protein is very hot in the ingredients market.

    YT Biochem focus on pea protein development. We are trying new craft for pea protein.
    For domestic market, the conventional technology is alkali extraction and acid precipitation. However, this craft is poor efficiency. Some company develops new technology: ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis. Although, it can get 90% protein, but its cost is too high.
    Now, we introduce our new method.
    At first, water is extraction solvent. By adjustment of temperature, PH value, water consumption, mixing speed, we get pea protein. The method is environment friendly. PH value should be kept in 9. Temperature is controlled to 35℃, water consumption is 40ml/G, mixing speed is 240r/min.
    How to extend the use of pea protein is our new job. We will keep to renew it.


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