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  • Do You Want To Know Our Lowest Price Of Hot-selling Organic Pea Protein?
    Mar 04, 2019

    Organic pea protein new batch-YT Biochem

    1. Origins:


    We use Canadian whole yellow peas, all the peas need Chinese custom and our lab to test, and every year we go to Canada to investigate growth status.

    At same time, because of the organic market is increase very fast, we are develop Chinese organic farms, to supply more quality and competitive organic pea protein.  

    You could check our attached photos.

    Packing of organic pea protein-YT Biochem

    2. Specification:


    1). Type:

    Food grade: 80% , 85%

    Feed grade: 72%, 60%


    2). Commodity: Pea protein isolate


    3). Weight: 20/ 550/ 1100kg per bag


    4). Package material: White Kraft paper bag with Compound bag inside


    5). Shelf life: 24 months


    producing line-hot-selling organic pea protein-YT Biochem

    3.  Mainly Characteristic:


    1). Non-Allergen, GMO free, Canadian whole yellow peas and Chinese organic yellow peas


    2). No gluten, No animal content


    3). Non-additive, natural taste, clean label


    4). Easy blend with other food beverage


    5) Natrual vegetable source


    If you are interested, welcome to reach us by email: cindy@ytbiochem.com, thanks !

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