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  • Hemp Powder Nutrition
    May 04, 2022

    Hemp Protein Powder

    Hemp protein powder is made from high-quality hemp seeds of Cannabis sativa L.,the seeds are a rich source of nutrition and healthy fibre.

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    Product Details

    Product Name:Hemp Protein Powder

    Alias:Organic Hemp protein powder / Hemp protein / Hemp flour / Organic Hemp flour / Organic Hemp protein

    Description of Hemp Protein Powder:

    Hemp protein powder is made from high-quality hemp seeds of Cannabis sativa L.,the seeds are a rich source of nutrition and healthy fibre.The seeds are cold-pressed to remove the oil,the obtained hemp seed cake is processed through special process to form protein powder. Hemp protein is a vegan protein source,it’s an edible ingredient to increase protein in recipes, blends,smoothies and nutritional products.

    NutraValley Advantages of Hemp Protein Powder:

    1. Can provide 100% organic hemp protein and conventional hemp protein.

    2. Can pass more than 600 pesticide residue testing in Eurofins Germany laboratory based on EU organic standard for very batch of product.

    3. Can issue TC certificate.

    4. Owned organic hemp plantation more than 19,980,000 square meters.

    5. THC is less than 0.2ppm.

    6. Can provide a wide range of protein content in 70%,80%,90%,95%.

    7. 100% natural and organic, no additives,sugar and preservative.

    8. Stable supply and reliable quality

    9. Nutty taste and smell.

    10. Can provide 600,000kgs each year.

    Benefits of Hemp Protein Powder:

    Hemp protein is extracted from seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant. The particular subtypes of this plant referred to as hemp, are very low in THC and thus are not able to produce the psychoactive effects attributed to the high THC forms of this plant commonly called "marijuana". Hemp seeds come from species of this plant that are low in THC and thus will not produce any psychoactive effects. Hemp protein is not only a rich source of protein, but also contains essential fatty acids (EFAs), and fibre as well.

    Application of Hemp Protein Powder:

    blends, bars,shakes, snacks

    Specification Sheet of Hemp Protein Powder:

    Product characteristics

    Product profile


    Organic Hemp protein powder


    Light Greenish to white fine powder

    Assay( on anhydrous basis)




    Botanical Source

    Cannabis sativa L. subsp. sativa

    Particle size

    Company profile



    Packing and transport

    packing and transport

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