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  • Nutritional Value Of Organic Blackberry Powder
    Sep 03, 2018

        Organic Blackberry Powder  is rich in high-efficiency antioxidant active substances such as proanthocyanidins, SOD, selenium, ellagic acid and flavonoids, and 20 kinds of amino acids and trace elements. It is found to contain more than 40 kinds of nutrients, including proanthocyanidins, SOD, amino acids, and calcium. Iron, zinc, selenium and vitamins are several times or even hundreds of times more than the blueberries we know. Therefore, they are praised as "fruit of life" and "black diamond" by European and American countries.

         Organic Blackberry Powder can help alleviate the problem of excessive stress in the brain. Blackberry meat can be used like a walnut to help strengthen the brain. 

          There are tin-box vitamins in the  Organic blackberry Powder , which can reduce the discomfort of pregnant women during pregnancy, and also provide nutrients to the baby in pregnant women, which is more conducive to pregnant women and babies, so the blackberry is a good tonic.  

          Organic Blackberry Powder can also be useful to grey hair in humans, because this purple-black fruit contains a lot of Vitamin , which can make people's hair dark and black.

          Organic Blackberry Powder is a special fruit that promotes digestion. This fruit is rich in acidic ingredients, especially malic acid and fatty acids, as well as tannic acid. These acidic ingredients are absorbed by body that can   effectively alleviate human indigestion.

          Organic Black berries contain a variety of natural anti-cancer ingredients. In addition, eating more blackberry can prevent cerebral hemorrhage, and can reduce the occurrence of common diseases such as retinal hemorrhage and hypertension.

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