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  • Organic Onion Powder
    Mar 13, 2018

    http://Organic Onion Powder

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        Organic Onion powder is made from dehydration onions. Using onion powder when you are cooking enhances health benefits as for  it includes some nutrients, but in small quantity, it means that you can't rely on it to meet your daily requested nutritions. Notice don't garble onion powder with onion salt  when you are selecting it in the supermarket.


    1.  A teaspoon of onion powder includes 9mg of calcium. Although people's daily intake recommendations is  among 1,000 to 1,200 mg, then this number may not seem like a lot. While, adding onion powder to your favorite dishes can also increase your intake without much effort.

    2. A teaspoon of onion powder just contains eight calories and nearly no fat.  You will be allowed to use as much as you like without obstructing your health aims.

    3. A teaspoon of onion powder has 24mg of potassium. This kind of nutrient can help to adjust blood pressure. Our body functions, like healthy muscle, bone contraction, digestion and heartbeat, rely on an sufficient intake of potassium. The scarcity in potassium could cause muscle twitch, irregular heartbeat and weakness, therefore, adding onion powder to your recipe is an easy way to increase your intake.

    4. Magnesium is found in several fish and vegetables. It will add a little extra magnesium to your dishes when you are cooking with onion powder adding in.

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