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  • Organic Orange Juice Powder: A Good Choice For Your Body
    Aug 28, 2018

          Organic orange juice powder is a good choice for your body, and it has many benefits. Below are some of its efficacies and fuctions.

         1. Prevent heart disease: drinking three glasses of orange juice a  day can increase the body's high-quality cholesterol. That high-density lipoprotein content and reduce the possibility of  heart disease.
          2. Promote drug absorption: orange juice contains a special  chemical substance that can promote the absorption of drugs, so that the  drug enters the blood several times or even ten times, thereby increasing the body's absorption of drugs.
          3. Protect the stomach: orange juice is opaque, and it contains natural polysaccharides, including pectin. Orange juice promotes proper functioning of the gastrointestinal  tract, and pectin helps to remove harmful substances that enter the body  along with air and food.
          4. Maintain beauty: orange juice is rich in water and vitamins,  while having very low calories and does not contain any fat. Its rich  vitamin A is an excellent choice to protect the eyes.
           5. Iron supplement calcium: orange juice contains calcium and vitamin D which can help maintain bone strength, but also you need to eat some  vegetables to get the necessary vitamin K at least.
          6. Dilation of blood vessels: orange juice is rich in vitamin C. Medical research has found that people with higher levels of vitamin C in the blood have lower blood pressure in their arteries.
          Through  the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain  understanding of orange juice. Although the orange juice is good, but  its sugar is also very high. Therefore, drink orange juice should be  just enough, not too much!

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