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  • Organic Rice Protein: Benefits A Lot To Our Health
    Sep 10, 2018

    Oganic Rice Protein

    Rice is an indispensable food in our life. It provides us with rich nutrients, especially organic rice give us a rich nutritions. Here are the benegifts of organic rice protein.

    Oryzanol, a unique component of organic rice protein, is known as being cosmetics, and it is a plant-based melanin inhibitor with mild properties and no side effects. At the same time, it can also reduce the capillary brittleness, improve the circulation function of skin peripheral blood vessels, and then improve the skin color. Oryzanol can replenish skin's moisture and make skin full of elasticity.

    The biological value of protein in rice is the same as that in soybean, and the ratio of amino acid composition is reasonable. The digestibility of organic rice protein is more than 90%, so the nutritional value of organic rice protein is high.

    Organic rice protein is also rich in vitamin B1 and inorganic salts, such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and so on. It not only has the effect of preventing beriberi, but also plays an important role in maintaining blood sugar balance.

    organic rice protein.png

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