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  • The Function Of Blueberry Powder
    Sep 04, 2018

    FD Blueberry Powder

         Blueberry is a kind of fruit with certain health benefits, which is good for human. Blueberry powder is processed from wild blueberry without any additives and preservatives. Blueberry powder is pure natural food.

         How to eat blueberry powder: Take a spoonful of blueberry powder and  brew it with hot water. Blueberry powder can also add some sugar.
         The efficacy of blueberry powder relates to the blueberry itself. What are the functions of blueberry powder? Here are some explanations.
         1. Blueberry powder contains a large number of physiologically active substances. It is called“No. 1 Antioxidant" in fruits and vegetables. It protects cells from damage by peroxide. It prevents dysfunction, improves short-term memory. Also, buleberry powder can relieves fatigue.
         Regular consumption of blueberry powder can significantly enhance vision and eliminate eye fatigue; nourish the skin; delay brain aging; have an effect on capillary disease caused by diabetes; enhance cardiac function; prevent senile dementia.
         2. Blueberry powder can delay memory loss and prevent heart disease. Blueberry is considered as a super fruit. The US Daily Health News reported that recent research of blueberry powder has added a reputation for super fruit. Eating more blueberries or drinking blueberry juice can help prevent colon cancer.


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