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  • The Function Of Inulin Powder
    Aug 30, 2018


         Inulin  is a reserve polysaccharide in plants, and it mainly derived from plants. It has been found containing more than 36,000 species, including 11 families  in the genus Compositae, Campanulaceae, Gentianaceae, Liliaceae and Wo in monocotyledons.

         Inulin powder has many functios, which can benefits our bodies a lot. And the fuctions are following.

         1. Inulin can lower blood sugar level and dilute blood sugar concentration.
         1) Drop the blood sugar levels.
    Have the concentrates of inulin on an empty stomach can immediately lower blood sugar levels. Many people notice that a significant drop in blood sugar in a short period of time after drink the concentrates of inulin.
         2) Improve the symptoms of diabetes.
         When people used to eat inulin powder, they did not find that inulin had a special effect in treating diabetes. After investigation, the person concerned found that the people who has a long-term reaction with inulin powder said that the feeling of thirst was gone, the number of times of going to the  toilet at night was reduced and their eyes became bright.
         2. The digestion and defecation function is enhanced. And inulin powder has a miraculous effect on the treatment of constipation.
         Many  people who have eaten inulin obviously feel the gastrointestinal  function is enhanced, and the stool begins to flow smoothly. At the same time, after taking the inulin, it can enhance the  peristaltic ability of the intestines and discharge the odorous gas. Thereby restoring the health of the intestines, especially for some  habitual constipation and intractable constipation.inulin.jpg

         3. The metabolic function is enhanced, and inulin powder canrapid recovery of burns and other injured wounds.
         The metabolism is enhanced and we can feel energetic. Especially we can feel that our hands and feet are warmer. Taking the inulin on an empty stomach for 30 minutes, even in winter, we can feel that our body get warmer and warmer. There  is also the continuous consumption of inulin which obviously make the skin smoothly, and it can make the acne on the face and the wound on the  body disappear quickly. Also, inulin powder has a great effect on dermatitis.
         4. Beauty skin.
         The "beauty skin" provided by the Japanese Inulin Research Society indicates that edible inulin has a good effect on the skin. Mr.Nakayama, a pioneer in inulin research, once said that inulin can reduce the pigmentation of the skin, whiten and beautify the skin, and make the skin radiant and lustrous.

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