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  • The Natural Ingredients And Functions Of Elderberry And Acai Berry
    Nov 26, 2021

    Elderberry contains a variety of natural ingredients, including various flavonoids, anthocyanins, vitamins, amino acids, and various minerals. Among them, the content of iron, phosphorus, vitamin A and vitamin C is far ahead in berry foods. It can be used as a natural herbal dietary supplement to improve human immunity, promote diuresis and laxatives, etc.

    Acai berry also known as acai, is rich in antioxidants and amino acids, and is known as one of the best superfoods in the world. Its antioxidant capacity is 5 times that of blueberries and 2 times that of pomegranates. In addition, it also contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that are rarely found in fruits. It contains almost no saturated fat. It also combines red wine and The nutrient essence contained in olive oil is low in calories, rich in dietary fiber, calcium and various vitamins. It can promote digestion, increase immunity, improve metabolism, nourish hair and skin, and even help control appetite and lose weight.

    YTBiochem produces elderberry and acai powder products with high quality and low price. They can be added to food and beverages. YTBiochem can provide customized packaging and product customization, which can be made into capsules, tablets, cut etc.

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