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  • The Nutritional Value And Health Function Of Organic FD Pineapple Powder
    Sep 04, 2018





          Organic FD Pineapple Powder is rich in medicinal value. Pineapple peel is rich in pineapple enzyme. Long-term consumption of pineapple peal can effectively reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension and cancer.

          Organic FD Pineapple Powder is sweet and warm, has the effect of relieving heat disease and quenching thirst, digestion and diarrhea. It can take away heat and promote urination, and has the same thirst-quenching effect as watermelon. It is one of the rare seasonal fruits in summer.

          Organic FD Pineapple Powder is rich in vitamin B, which can effectively promote the skin's bright and moist, have a certain beauty effect, it can also help to lose weight. In addition to the above effects, it can improve human immunity and resist viral invasion.

          Organic FD Pineapple Powder has an anti-inflammatory effect that promotes blood circulation and wound healing. Pineapple can also alleviate the symptoms of cough, and has obvious therapeutic effects on throat diseases caused by colds.

          Organic FD Pineapple Powder contains vitamin A, which protects the eyes, prevents myctalopia and prevents eyesight  loss.The one who often watch computers and play mobile phones can eat some pineapples to improve their eyesight.

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