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  • Why Pea Protein Is Best
    Mar 05, 2019

    Pea protein is plant based. So what if it comes from yellow split peas? How big of a deal is that? Well, actually it is quite a big deal. A good number of people follow a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. This means they try their best to stay away from animal meat or its derivatives. This includes popular protein sources like Whey. Pea Protein offers itself as a solution for vegans who want to have a complete and balanced diet.

    One of the bigger problems that beset people who use Whey or Soy Protein is that they are allergens. In simple terms, allergens are substances that causes allergic reactions. The reactions come in different shapes in sizes. Whey allergy is pretty common so people turned to Soy Protein. Unfortunately, Soy Protein turns out to be an allergen as well. That’s where Pea Protein gets the spotlight. While Pea Protein can still cause allergic reactions, it’s not as notorious as an allergen as Whey and Soy Protein.

    There are a number of other reasons why Pea Protein can be considered the best choice for people but I usually sum it up in one line – It has all the good minus all the bad. Pea Protein is safe for people who have allergies or sensitivity to lactose or casein. It does not promote bloating as it can be absorbed quite easily by the body. Aside from providing you with the necessary protein requirement for the day, Pea Protein can also help keep your heart and kidneys healthy.

    more information, pls kindly send email to me dora@ytbiochem.com.

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