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  • Beet Root Powder Organic

    Beet Root Powder Organic

    1. High in folic acid and iron.
    2. Rich in vitamins and magnesium.
    3. Nourishing the stomach.
    4. Promote metabolism.
    5. Enhance physical strength.
    6. Origin: China
    7. Package: 20kg/carton
    8.Certificate: ISO 9001; Kosher;EU & USDA Organic

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    Beet root powder organic comes from raw beet root. Beet root is a biennial herbaceous root plant, and the fleshy roots are spherical, oval, oblate, spindle-shaped and so on. Due to the betacyanins, the root bark and root meat are purple-red, and several beautiful purple rings are visible on the cross section. Beet root likes to grow in a cool and cold environment. So there are many plants in northeastern China and Inner Mongolia. Beet roots are the main raw materials for extracting sugar.  

    Beet root powder organic is very sweet. Beet root has a long history as a food. Its mineral compounds and plant compounds are unique. These compounds are resistant to infection, increase cellular oxygen levels, and enhance immune system. In the traditional British medical methods, beetroot organic powder could prevent blood diseases, and it is known as the "root of life."

    At YT Biochem, you can find 100% pure red beet root powder. It is certified by EU and NOP organic certificate. In order to provide the best quality of red beet root powder, our factory adopts advanced technology to produce powder from the raw beet root. Every procedure is strictly controlled. Please feel free to contact us if you have any interests.

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