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  • Bio Beet Root Powder

    Bio Beet Root Powder

    1. Product name: Bio beet root powder
    2. Origin: China
    3. Package: 20kg/carton
    4. Shelf life: 24months
    5. Certificate: ISO 9001; Kosher; EU & NOP Organic certificate

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    Bio beet root powder provides a wide range of nutrients, but its most significant phytochemical is betaine. This plant chemical helps the liver and kidneys recycle the amino acid methionine to maintain the body's stores of s-adenosyl-methionine that commonly known as SAM-e. Betaine also helps the liver process fat. This prevents the accumulation of fatty tissues in the liver (steatosis), especially in heavy drinkers. Bio beet root powder could also help moderate triglycerides and LDL cholesterol in the blood. 

    Dried beetroot powder has many benefits. Benefits for skin includes its cleansing action. Lowering high blood cholesterol and levels of triglycerides. Dried beetroot powder could help in fighting cancer causing compounds called nitrosamines. It can also curb inflammation, which is associated with heart disease, osteoporosis etc. 

    Organic red beet powder could applied in juice and fermented food as colorant. What's more, it could used in beverage, ice-cream, cakes, confectionaries, jam, jelly, conserves, etc. YT Biochem could provide bulk order of organic red beet powder. COI/TC could be offered. Welcome to reach out us if you have any interests.

    beetroot powder

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