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  • Broccoli Powder Organic

    Broccoli Powder Organic

    1.Product name: Broccoli Powder.
    2.Origin: China.
    3.Certificate: NOP Organic Certificates.
    4.Shelf life: 24 Months.
    5.In stock: Yes.

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    Broccoli powder organic is made of natural and raw broccoli. We have dehydrated broccoli powder, spray dried broccoli powder and freeze dried broccoli powder. Many people think that tomatoes and peppers are the most abundant vegetables containing vitamin C. In fact, the vitamin C content of broccoli is higher than them, and it is also significantly higher than other common vegetables. Moreover, the variety of vitamins in broccoli is very complete, especially the rich content of folic acid, which is also an important reason why its nutritional value is higher than that of common vegetables. 

    The nutrients in broccoli are not only high in content, but also very comprehensive. They are mainly including protein, carbohydrate, fat, minerals, vitamin C and carotene. In addition, broccoli has following benefits.

    At YT Biochem, we can give you 100% pure freeze dried broccoli powder. It is Non-GMO, raw, vegan without any addition. Also, We have NOP organic certificates. We have strong logistics and will meet your purchasing plan. Samples could be offered first and you can see the quality. All customs clearance could be offered, incuding B/L, Invoice, Packing list, and origin certificate.

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