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  • Freeze Dried Banana Powder

    Freeze Dried Banana Powder

    1. Product name: Banana Powder
    2. Biological name: Musa nana Lour
    3. Origin: China
    4. Package: 10kg/carton
    5. Shelf life: 24 month
    6. Certificate: ISO 9001; USDA organic; Kosher

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    Freeze dried banana powder is made of Non-GMO and natural bananas. China is one of the major countries of origin for bananas in the world. Bananas could help the brain create a chemical component--serotonin, which can stimulate the nervous systemand give a signal of joy and calmness Therefore, bananas are also known as 'Happy Foods'. Bananas are very low in sodium and no cholesterol, which can supply various nutrients to the body and will not make you fat. Freeze dried banana powder is same to fresh banana with nutrients, and it can be kept in a cool, dark place in your kitchen for months.

    Freeze dried banana powder has original taste of bananas. Also, it is beneficial for weight loss and could provide you energy. Vitamin B6 and iron contained in it could help improve circulation and maintain blood sugar levels. What's more, banana aids in digestion.

    YT Biochem supplies bulk freeze dried banana powder. OEM service is available. Please feel free to send us an inquiry for more information.

    Banana Powder-YT Biochem

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