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  • Freeze Dried Blackberry Powder

    Freeze Dried Blackberry Powder

    1. Product name: Freeze dried blackberry powder
    2. Origin: China
    3. Package: 10kg/carton
    4. Shelf life: 24months
    5. Certificate: ISO 9001; Kosher; USDA Organic

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    Freeze dried blackberry powder is mainly made from fresh blackberry fruit. Blackberry is native to the old and new continents and eastern North America and the Pacific coast. Freeze dried blackberry powder is rich in iron and vitamin and all kinds of amino acids and trace elements. It can help to the promotion of blood coagulation, anti-aging, improving immunity, promoting brain metabolism and lowering blood pressure. It is one functional natural ingredient for human food,cosmetic and diatery supplement industry.

    Organic blackberry powder contains sugar of 6%-10.67%, 17 kinds of amino acids and vitamins. The content of VC in blackberry is 5 times of apple, 6 times of grape. Taking organic blackberry powder products can lower heat stroke and nervous tension, sober up and refresh body. In addition, one magical function of blackberry powder is that there contains rich anti-aging substance SOD and amino acid, which can prolong life. Our organic blackberry powder has good taste and keep the nutrition of raw blackberries, and it could used in food industry like beverage, cake, candy and shake, protein bar, tec. YT Biochem provide bulk freeze dried blackberry powder. It is certified by USDA organic. Welcome to reach out us if you have any interests.

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