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  • Freeze Dried Mango Powder

    Freeze Dried Mango Powder

    1. Rich in vitamin A and vitamin C.
    2. Rich in minerals.
    3. Contains fat, sugars.
    4. Beautify skin.
    5. Brighten the eyes.
    6. Origin: China
    7. Package: 10kg/carton
    8. Certificate:ISO 9001; Kosher; USDA Organic.

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    Freeze dried mango powder comes from raw mango. Mango is rich in nutrients. It contains sugar, minerals, fats, protein, and crude fiber. And mango contains a particularly high vitamin A component, which is rare in all fruits. Also, Mango is rich in vitamin C. According to research, the content of vitamin A in mango is as high as 3.8%, which is twice as much as that of apricot. There is also the content of vitamin C in mango that exceeds that of oranges, strawberries, etc., so eating more mangoes can also enhance the body's resistance.

    Dry mango power is made by freeze dried technology. Freeze drying is carried out at low temperatures and it is particularly suitable for many heat sensitive materials. And the protein and nutrition contained in mango will not degenerate or lose biological vitality. Since the drying is carried out in a frozen state, the original structure of mango is maintained, and concentration does not occur. Freeze drying can eliminate more than 95-99% of water, so that the dry mango powder can be preserved for a long time without deterioration. YT Biochem could also provide you dehydrated mango powder. Dehydrated mango powder is cheaper than freeze dried powders, but the taste and nutrition is not as good as freeze dried mango powder.

    At YT Biochem, we can provide you bulk freeze dried mango powder. It is 100% pure, Non-GMO, vegan without any addition. Welcome to reach out us if you have any interests.

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