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  • Kiwi Powder

    Kiwi Powder

    1. Non-GMO, gluten free Kiwi Powder
    2. Kiwi fruit is known as the king of fruits and China is its the country of origin
    3. A kiwi fruit can provide more than twice the amount of vitamin C that a person needs per day
    4. Our kiwi powder comes from 100% pure kiwi fruit
    5. 10kg/carton; 25kg/drum; ISO 9001; Kosher; China Origin

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    Kiwi powder is made of kiwi fruit. We have spray dried kiwi powder and freeze dried kiwi powder. The former has good water solubility while the latter has good taste with abundant nutrition. Kiwi fruit, known as the king of fruits, is famous for its rich nutrients. A kiwi fruit can provide more than twice the amount of vitamin C that a person needs per day. Kiwi fruit is considered to be the most nutritious fruit, rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid, dietary fiber, and various amino acids. Studies have shown that kiwifruit can replenish calcium in the body and enhance the body's absorption of food. According to the US Department of Agriculture research report, the comprehensive antioxidant index of kiwifruit is far stronger than apples, pears, watermelons and other fruits. In addition, kiwi powder can also stabilize mood, lower cholesterol, help digestion and prevent constipation.

    Kiwifruit powder is same to fresh kiwi fruit with nutrients, and it can be kept in a cool, dark place in your kitchen for months. You could add it to drink, milk, cake, candy, shake and any other cooking. YT Biochem provide bulk kiwifruit powder. Both freeze dried and spray dried kiwi powder are available. Pls feel free to contact us if any interests.

    Kiwi Fruit Powder

    Physical & Chemical
    AppearanceLight green Fine PowderConform
    Part UsedFruitsConform
    Analytical Quality
    Loss on Drying≤5%Conform
    Particle Size80meshConform
    Heavy Metals 
    Total Heavy Metals<10ppmConform
    Lead (Pb)≤1.0ppmConform
    Arsenic (As)≤1.0ppmConform
    Total Plate Count<10,000cfu/gConform
    Packing25kg per drum
    StorageStore in a well-closed container away from moisture, light, oxygen.
    Shelf life24months.

    Packing and Transport

    Packing and Transport

    If you have any demand with packing, please feel free to contact us.

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