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  • Red Raspberry Powder

    Red Raspberry Powder

    1. Product name: Red raspberry powder.
    2.Biological name: Rubus idaeus L.
    3.Origin: China
    4.Shelf life: 24 months
    5.Stock: Yes
    6.Package: 10kg/carton

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    Red raspberry powder is easy to take and the nutrients contained in raspberry berries are easily absorbed by human body, which can promote the absorption and digestion of other nutrients, improve metabolism and enhance disease resistance. Red raspberry powder is sweet and contains sugar, malic acid, citric acid and vitamin C. Also, it can be used for raw food, cake, juice, coffee, jam making and wine making.

    Organic FD raspberry powder also contains a variety of essential amino acids and minerals. In addition, Raspberry ketone, as the main aromatic substance in raspberries, can promote fat burning, effectively reduce body fat content, prevent fat accumulation and improve obesity. As a healthy weight loss food recommended by many people, raspberries are often eat by some weight loss people with yogurt,

    Our organic FD raspberry powder is freezse dried powder, which could keep raspberries original nutrtions and taste. At YT Biochem, you could buy bulk order. We could meet your demands and give you best price. Welcome to reach out us at many time!

    Raspberry Powder-YT Bichem

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