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  • Organic Garlic

    Organic Garlic

    1. Beneficial for digestion system
    2. Mainly used as a flavoring agents
    3. Known as the most antibacterial agents in natural plants
    4. USDA Organic. ISO 9001. Kosher Certificate
    5. China origin. 20kg/carton

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    Organic garlic, as a powerful antiseptic and antibiotic, has been used to disinfect wounds since Ancient Rome. Garlic is widely grown in China and it is mainly used in the food field as a flavoring agents. Organic garlic contains more than 100 kinds of medicinal and health-care ingredients, including 43 kinds of sulfur volatiles, 9 kinds of amino acids, 8 kinds of peptides and 11 kinds of enzymes. Besides, it is known as the most antibacterial agents in natural plants. And the value of its nutrient and health care  has been confirmed by modern medicine research.

    Garlic dry powder is availale at YT Biochem. Here are garlic dry powder main Benefits. 1) Strengthen immune system. 2) Contain vitamin B6 which boots mood. 3) Help to regulate blood sugar. 4) Fresh garlic can help to kill E coli and salmonella.

    5) Help to lower Cholesterol level.

    YT Biochem could provide organic garlic. If you have any interests, just feel free to contact us. We have good quality garlic and short lead time. 

    Garlic granules

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