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  • Organic Natural Carrot Powder

    Organic Natural Carrot Powder

    1. Product name: Organic natural carrot powder
    2. Latin name: Daucus carota L. var. sativa Hoffm.;
    3. Origin: China;
    4. Shelf life: 24 months;
    5. Package: 20kg/carton
    6. Certificate: ISO 9001; Kosher; USDA Organic

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    Organic natural carrot powder is made of carrots by advanced technology processing into powder. It is rich in sugars, fats, volatile oils, carotene, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, anthocyanins, calcium, iron and other nutrients. Organic natural carrot powder contains a lot of carotene. The molecular structure of this carotene is equivalent to 2 molecules of vitamin A. After entering the body, 50% of carotene becomes vitamin A. It is good for our eyes. In addition, the conversion of carotene into vitamin A helps enhance the body's immune function and plays an important role in preventing epithelial cell canceration.

    Dried carrot powder has many applications. You could use it to do porridge, seasoning, juice, fruit mask, cakes and bread, children's nutrition supplement, ice cream, pudding and so on. YT Biochem provides bulk dried carrot powder. Welcome to send us an inquiry for more information.

    Carrot Powder-YT Biochem

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