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  • YT (XI'AN) Biochem Co., Ltd
  • Add:Room 3004, No. 2 Building, No. 78 Keji Road, Gaoxin District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, PR China
  • Tel: 86-029-89189223
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  • Organic Herbs Straight Powders & Extracts

    YT Biochem can supply both herb straight powders and herb extracts by using wild collected plants (all or part of the plants) as raw material. Our organic herb extract powders can be used in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, health industry, beauty industry and other areas. Our products mainly include extracts or straight powder of Echinacea, Bilberry, Elderberry, Dandelion root, Reishi mushroom, Gingko biloba, Green tea, Ginseng, Ginger, Pomegranate, Red yeast rice and so on.
    • 95% Curcumin

      95% Curcumin

      Curcumin powder is a bright yellow powder made by dry grinding of mature turmeric rhizomes (underground stems).We focus on natural Curcumin 95%,our curcumin can be made into powder,capsules,tablet.
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    • Panax Ginseng Extract

      Panax Ginseng Extract

      1.Panax Ginseng extract is extracted by Ethanol & Water;
      2.Non-GMO, Non-irradiation;
      3.Latin name is Panax ginseng C.A.Meyer;
      4.It’s a Pale brown-yellow fine powder;
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    • 5-HTP


      1. Product name: 5-HTP; 5 HTP
      2. Origin: China
      3. Purity: 20% -98%
      4. CAS No. : 56-69-9
      5. Chemical formula: C11H12N2O3
      6. Molecular weight: 220.23g/mol
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    • Apigenin


      1. Product name: Apigenin
      2. Origin: China
      3. Purity: ≥98% (HPLC)
      4. CAS No. : 520-36-5
      5. Chemical formula: C15H10O5
      6. Molecular weight: 270.24g/mol
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    • NMN


      1. Product name: NMN; NMN Powder
      2. Origin: China
      3. Purity: ≥98% (HPLC)
      4. CAS No. : 1094-61-7
      5. Chemical formula: C11H15N2O8P
      6. Molecular weight: 334.221g/mol
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    • Pea Flour

      Pea Flour

      1. Pea flour is in light yellow, and Non-GMO, Allergen free, Gluten free;
      2. High in fiber, protein, antioxidants and low in fat;
      3. It has the sweet flavour of peas with a light smoky taste;
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    • Buckwheat Flour

      Buckwheat Flour

      1.Buckwheat flour devides into Raw & Roasted, hulled & whole types;
      2.Non-allergen, Non-GMO, Additives free, Irradiation free;
      3.Wholemeal flour with 99.7% of particles pass through a 500 micron sieve;
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    • Sweet Tea Extract

      Sweet Tea Extract

      1.Latin name:Rubus chingii var. Suavissimus
      2.Main content:Rubusoside10%-95%
      3.CAS NO.:64849-39-4
      4.We are bulk supplier.
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    • Acai Berry Powder

      Acai Berry Powder

      1.Latin name:Euterpe oleracea
      2.Extract Content: Anthoyanin
      3.Bulk supplier
      4.MOQ: 2OKG.
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    • Black Currant Extract

      Black Currant Extract

      1.Latin name:Ribes nigrum L.
      2.We are bulk supplier.
      3.The main content we extract from black currant powder is anthocyanin.
      4.ISO9001&Kosher&Organic certified.
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    • Hesperidin


      1.From citrus fruit.
      2.Hesperidin(HPD)and Hesperetin(HPD)can all be extracted from citrus fruits.
      3.We are bulk supplier.
      4.The highest spec we can meet is pure hesperidin 95%.
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    • Bladderwrack


      1. Latin name:bladder fucus. Laminaria Japonica;
      2. Extract Ratio: 4:1 to 20:1;
      3. CAS#: 9008-22-4/Fucoidan;
      4. Active ingredients: Fucoidan, Fucoxanthin;
      5. Certificates: ISO & Kosher & Halal.
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