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  • Organic Herbs Straight Powders & Extracts

    YT Biochem can supply both herb straight powders and herb extracts by using wild collected plants (all or part of the plants) as raw material. Our organic herb extract powders can be used in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, health industry, beauty industry and other areas. Our products mainly include extracts or straight powder of Echinacea, Bilberry, Elderberry, Dandelion root, Reishi mushroom, Gingko biloba, Green tea, Ginseng, Ginger, Pomegranate, Red yeast rice and so on.
    • Red Ginseng

      Red Ginseng

      Red Ginseng - Growing the herb for hundreds of years in esat asia espcially in China and taken as medicine for enhance immunity for hundres years. Each root of red ginseng is hand picked and mature, containing a minimum of 5% ginsenosides or more content to ensure you a...
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    • Maca Extract

      Maca Extract

      Maca extract is from the maca root powder imported from Peru where is the native origin of maca root. So our premium maca root powder is the best superfoods for adding to coffee, tea and other drinks, we promise the status of Non-GMO, Vegan, and gluten free, allergen free,...
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    • Ginkgo Biloba Tablets

      Ginkgo Biloba Tablets

      Gingko Biloba tablets is one of our hot selling health supplemet product which mainly contain our finished product gingko biloba extract with spec of 4:1, 10:1. Gingko biloba extract is helpful in offering aids in brain activity, improving memory, mood and focus. And in...
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    • Astragalus Membranaceus

      Astragalus Membranaceus

      Astragalus Membranaceus also know as astragalus extract which is able to support healthy immune cell function. We have two kind of extract type, one is ratio extract and another is standard extract. For ratio extract spec like 4:1, we will use 4kg raw material to extract 1kg...
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    • Turmeric Pills

      Turmeric Pills

      Description Turmeric tablet is made of turmeric powder, the raw material is from turmeric extract powder-curcumic. Curcumic is a natural, non-toxic functional pigment with antioxidant function and a strong antioxidant that can be added to food. Turmeric extract curcumin...
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    • Maca


      Description Maca, also called Ginseng Andin, Peruvian Ginseng, Lepidium meyenii, or Lepidium peruvianum, is a relative of radish and smells similar to butterscotch. Maca is a plant that grows on the high plateaus of the Andes Mountains. It's been cultivated as a root...
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    • Dandelion Supplement

      Dandelion Supplement

      Product description 1, the efficacy of dandelion: (1) Clearing heat and jiedu can be used for heat and toxin syndrome, especially clearing liver heat, treating liver heat eye swelling and pain, as well as a variety of infections and suppurative diseases. (2) Xiaoju Sanjie...
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    • Ganoderma Extract

      Ganoderma Extract

      Ganoderma extract is produced from material Ganoderma lucidum which is also know as reishi mushroom. We have standard ganoderma extract like 30% polysaccharides reshi mushroom, 50% polysaccharides of reishi mushroom, ratio extract is like 10:1, 20:1 and 100:1. We can also...
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    • Dried Dates

      Dried Dates

      Product description Dried date powder has a good role in nourishing blood and transquilizing the mind,because from the perspective of chinese medicine diet,dried date powder into the heart . For the lack of effort caused by upset,flustered,shortness of...
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    • Astragalus Tea

      Astragalus Tea

      Product description Astragalus root tea, known as Astragalus (from the Latin: Astragalus membranaceus), is a plant native to China and Mongolia, but can now be found in the Northern hemisphere in regions with temperate climate, is made of wild astragalus from the...
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    • Freeze Dried Oranges

      Freeze Dried Oranges

      Product detail Organic orange powder is made of natural oranges. Oranges contains vitamin C which can effectively prevent skin aging and has a very good antioxidant effect. Orange contains very high dietary fiber and pectin, these two substances can effectively promote...
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    • Chinese Dried Dates

      Chinese Dried Dates

      Product Introduction Traditional Herbs Organic Chinese Dried Red Dates contrain tha high vitamin content,and it has the reputation of ''natural vitamin pill'',which has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing yang, It has the characteristics of drought...
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