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  • Asiatic Acid

    Asiatic Acid

    1.Latin name: Centella asiatica (L.) Urban;
    2.We supply Asiatic Acid with different specification;
    4.Part used: Whole Plant;
    5.Main Test Methods: HPLC;

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    Asiatic Acid was extracted from Natural Centella, which can be widely used in Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics. When it used in cosmetics, it has anti-irritant properties which helps skin repair and inhibits collagen synthesis, improves keratinization and stimulates skin cells.

    The highest content for pure asiatic acid we can meet now is 90%, 95% is not always available, please feel free to ask is the updates of stock. The Asiaticoside, Madecassoside and Madecassic acid can be meet from 10% to 85%, and they are also the content from natural centella, which could be used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals under standard of European Pharmacopoeia and US Pharmacopoeia.

    We here to declare that our product contain no Allergen. There is also no any genetic manipulated organisms in our product have been used, No animal or part of animal was tested.

    Welcome to reach us for more detailed information about Asiatic acid, detailed lab report, specification, sample and quotation and so on, thanks.

    Asiatic Acid-YTbiochem

    Asiatic Acid


    Product NameAsiatic acid
    Test itemStandardsAssay results
    ColorWhite powderConforms
    Assays(HPLC)Asiatic Acid >90.0%90.09%
    Loss on drying≤3.0%1.21%
    Sulphated ash<1.0%0.46%
    Granule size98% Pass 80 meshConforms
    Heavy metals<10PPMConforms
    Total bacteria countLess than 1000CFU/GConforms
    Yeast/mouldsLess than 100CFU/GConforms
    1. We hereby confirm that for our product No any genetic manipulated organisms have been  used.
    2. We hereby confirm that for our product No any parts from animal AND have not Test on any animals.
    3. We hereby confirm that for our product Do Not contain any Allergens.
    Store In a cool and dry place. Keep away from direct strong light andheat Packing: In double sealed PP bags, 1KG/Bag

    Packing and Transport

    Packing and Transport

    If you have demand with packing, please feel free to contact me.

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