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  • Organic Goji Berry powder

    Organic Goji Berry powder

    Organic Goji berry is also known as lycium barbarum, goji or wolfberry, one of the most perfect and unique foods; slightly medicinal tasting yet totally delicious, and full of nutrition. Goji Berry powder is extracted from dried goji berries, and the source of our organic Goji powder is from goji berry plants without pesticides or other chemicals, which is quite sweet, and mild in flavor. Because of it’s extremely fine consistency, our organic goji berry powder dissolves instantly in liquids. While traveling you make your own goji berry juice by putting our Lycium Powder in your water bottle....

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    Goji berry extract powder is from the plant Lycium barbarum L, or woldberry, native to China, Lycium barbarum has been used as the local medicinal material since ancient times and has the high medicinal value. There are mostly small white spots on the tip of Ningxia wolfberry, but this is not the case. The white spot on the tip of Ningxia wolfberry can reach 85%. Good wolfberry does not sink 90% in the water, and it floats on the water surface regardless of whether it is brewed in tea or in soup.

    The main bio active content in Goji is polysaccharide, it is a water-soluble polysaccharide and the most important active ingredient in goji, with a relative molecular mass of 68-200, which has become a research hots pot at China and other countries. Among them, the immune regulation and anti-tumor effects of goji polysaccharide are the most studied. Many studies have shown that goji polysaccharide has the functions of help promote immunity, anti-aging, anti-tumor, scavenging free radicals, anti-fatigue, anti-radiation, protect liver, protect and improve reproductive function and so on.

    The goji polysaccharide we can meet is 1% to 50% tested by HPLC, which means there are 50gram polysaccharide among 100 grams goji extract powder, also our goji berry extract is organic certified, like other goji related products, goji juice powder, goji berry, goji powder, we can all issue TC, welcome to send us inquiry about any product information you need.

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