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  • Butterfly Pea Powder

    Butterfly Pea Powder

    1, Butterfly pea flower also called blue butterfly.It is rich in vitamin A.C and E.It can inprove the immunity of human.
    2, The people in Southeast Asia usually drink it as tea.Butterfly pea flower contains the polyphenols anthocy anidins.
    3, Dry it in the air and soak it in the water,the water becomes blue.If we add lemen juice,it becoms purple.So butterfly pea flower can be used as food pigment and adjust cocktail.

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    Butterfly pea powder is applied to food and beverage as beautiful natural pigment. Our butterfly pea powder is made from the plant Clitoria ternatea(latin name).

    The processed flow chart of butterfly pea flower powder is start from collecting fresh and fine blue flower, wash and remove impurity, drying them in the sun, and crushing it into powder. Dried butterfly pea petal can also be added in tea, and tea soup will have a beautiful blue color.

    The color of blue butterfly pea powder juice can be changed based on the PH level of substance added to it, which make it a popular dye for centuries, people often add a little lemon juice to get purple liquid, which is very common to see in bakery food.

    Blue pea flower powder is free of calories and its dark blue color come from the anthocyanins which is ten times than other common plants.

    Now the effective content extracted from blue pea flower powder are mainly chemical compounds extracted from the flower include various triterpenoids, flavonoid glycosides, anthocyanins and steroids. Currently the application of butterfly pea powder is mainly pigment.

    Pea flower powder has a lot of health benefits, including enhancing memory, nootropic, antistress, anxiolytic, antidepressant and sedative effects, so it is also a great material for dietary supplements.

    The heavy mental in our butterfly pea powder is less than 10ppm like other plant extract, the microbiological plate count is less than 10000cfu/g, ecoli and salmonella are negative. Any other parameters out of EU or US standards can be achieved by additional cost.



    Physical and Chemical Analysis
    Blue to deep gray powder
    Particle size
    100% through 80 Mesh
    Ash Content
    Loss on Drying
    Residue analysis
    Heavy Metal
    Total Plate Count
    Preserve in tight containers at controlled room temperature
    Shelf life
    Two years when properly stored

    Package and transport




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