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  • Organic turmeric root powder

    Organic turmeric root powder

    1.Latin name: Curcuma longa L.
    2.Origin: China;
    3.Shelf life: 24 months;
    4.Certificates: EU & NOP Organic certificate;

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    Curcumae is a chemical constituent extracted from the rhizomes of some plants of Curcumaceae and Araceae.

    Curcume is a kind of orange-yellow crystalline powder with bitter taste and insoluble in water. It is mainly used in coloring of sausage products, canned products, sauce and brine products in food production.

    Bio Curcuma is an orange-yellow crystalline powder with bitter taste, insoluble in water and ether, soluble in ethanol and propylene glycol, soluble in glacial acetic acid and alkali solution, red-brown in alkaline solution, yellow in neutral and acidic solution.

    Organic turmeric root powder has strong stability to reductant and strong dyeing property. It is not easy to fade after dyeing, but is sensitive to light, heat and iron ions. Curcumae has poor light, heat and iron resistance.

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