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  • Dried Chinese Red Dates

    Dried Chinese Red Dates

    Red dates are not only ingredients, but also a very good medicine. It tastes sweet, mild nature, supplement Qi, soothe the nerves and nourish the blood effect, in addition, in clinical often use jujube to treat insomnia caused by blood deficiency dampness and spleen and stomach deficiency cold and other diseases. Female friends often drink red jujube water, for improving cold hands and feet have a very good effect. There are individual female friends will appear dysmenorrhea, menstrual blood less phenomenon, if taking jujube water in menstrual period, not only can effectively relieve pain, and eliminate water and sodium storage caused by hand and foot edema and improve menstrual blood. But it should also be noted that excessive consumption of sweet red dates will aggravate the presence of moisture in the body. For people with less menstrual blood, it is more suitable to take. In addition, excessive consumption of red dates, often lead to diarrhea....

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    Product  description

    Red dates are not only ingredients, but also a very good medicine. It tastes sweet, mild nature, supplement Qi, soothe the nerves and nourish the blood effect, in addition, in clinical often use jujube to treat insomnia caused by blood deficiency dampness and spleen and stomach deficiency cold and other diseases. Female friends often drink red jujube water, for improving cold hands and feet have a very good effect. There are individual female friends will appear dysmenorrhea, menstrual blood less phenomenon, if taking jujube water in menstrual period, not only can effectively relieve pain, and eliminate water and sodium storage caused by hand and foot edema and improve menstrual blood. But it should also be noted that excessive consumption of sweet red dates will aggravate the presence of moisture in the body. For people with less menstrual blood, it is more suitable to take. In addition, excessive consumption of red dates, often lead to diarrhea.

    Company profile

    Founded in 2002 when organic concept is not as popular as today, we are one of earliest organic food ingredients suppliers in China, In 18 years, we put our best passion and endeavour in this field from a small-scale factory to a company. Staying true in the mission to provide organic health food ingredients and natural lifestyle to people, which being why we keep evolving for nearly 20 years.

    Product Details

    Cultivation Type:COMMONPackaging:Bulk, Can (Tinned), Gift Packing, Mason Jar, Vacuum Pack
    Max. Moisture (%):5% maxWeight (kg)10
    Shelf Life:12 monthsPlace of Origin:China
    Packing:10kg/cartonGrade:Food Grade
    Sample:1CertificationHACCP, HACCP/ISO 9001/USDA/HALAL

    Product functions

    Traditional Herbs dried Chinese Red Dates can Nourish blood for women; Maintain beauty and Anti-aging; Anti-cancer; Improve the body's immune system; Prevent liver diseases;Sooth the nerves; Anti-allergy.
    Product uses
    1.Raw,Like other fruits, red dates can be consumed raw, after cleaning the skin.
    2.Teapot,Red dates can be used in making a cup of tea.
    3.Soup and porridge,Essential ingredients in making soup and porridge
    4.Medicine use,Red dates are beneficial on liver. It nourishes women and strengthens the men and it replenishes blood to a great extent.

    Certificate by traditional Herbs dried Chinese Red Dates


    Packing and transport

    Notepacking and transport

    If you are looking for the traditional Herbs dried Chinese Red Dates , welcome to buy or wholesale the quality.

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