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  • Ginseng Extract

    Ginseng Extract

    1.Non-GMO, gluten free,organic Ginseng Extract 2.King of Chinese Herbs 3.Health care products...

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    Ginseng extract is extracted from dried ginseng root, it is natural, Non-GMO and irradiation free.

    Chinese ginseng extract is from the ginseng grow in Northeartern Changbai Mountain, which cultivate and supply ginseng to Chinese for thousand of years.

    Ginseng is regarded as king of Chinese herbs it benefit a lot for human health, it has been used in traditional Chinese healthcare ingredient for thousands of years as a tonic indicated for its beneficial effects on the central nervous system, protection from stress ulcers, increase of gastrointestinal motility, anti-fatigue action, enhancement of sexual function and acceleration of metabolism.

    YT Biochem supply high quality ginseng extract, welcome to reach out for more information.

    ginseng extract powder


    1. As multifunctional food additives;

    2. As health products & dietary supplements;

    3. Comestic Industry.


    Active Ingredients
    Assay (Based On Wet) - HPLCTotal of Ginsenosides‚Č•3%3.01%(Rg1, 0.07%.Re,0.14%.Rf,0.22%.Rb1,0.59%.Rc,0.81%.Rb2,0.60%Rd, 0.59%.)  
    Physical Control
    AppearanceFine PowderComplies
    ColorPale brown-yellowComplies
    Odor & TasteCharacteristic Odor & TasteComplies
    Loss on DryingNMT 5.0%3.70%
    AshNMT 5.0%3.10%
    Particle SizeNLT 95% through 80 mesh99.30%
    Chemical Control
    Total Heavy MetalsNMT 10mg/kgComplies
    Lead (Pb)NMT 2mg/kgComplies
    Arsenic (As)NMT 1mg/kgComplies
    Mercury (Hg)NMT 0.1mg/kgComplies
    Cadmium (Cd)              NMT 0.1mg/kgComplies
    PAH(4)NMT 50ppbComplies
    AflatoxinsNMT 0.2ppbComplies
    Pesticide ResiduesUSP:561Complies
    Microbiological Control
    Total Plate Count  NMT 1000cfu/gComplies
    Yeast & MoldNMT 100cfu/gComplies
    E. Coli.NegativeNegative
    Package, Storage and Shelf Life
    PackageInner packing with two layers of plastic bag, outer packing with 25kg cardboard drum.
    StorageStore in a well-closed container away from moisture and direct sunlight.
    Shelf Life2 years if sealed and stored properly.
    Commitment Note: Non-GMO, Non-irradiation.


    Our product is certified by ISO/Kosher/Organic.


    Packing and Transport

    Except bulk order, we also provide OEM ODM and private label service. If you have any other special requirements with packing, please feel free to contact us.

    Packing and Transport

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