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  • Hesperidin


    1.From citrus fruit.
    2.Hesperidin(HPD)and Hesperetin(HPD)can all be extracted from citrus fruits.
    3.We are bulk supplier.
    4.The highest spec we can meet is pure hesperidin 95%....

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    Hesperetin is a kind of flavonone compounds, is abundantly found in citrus fruits with various pharmacological effects. Our hesperetin(HPT) is a kind of light yellow powder with good water solubility, purity can be reached to 98%, the test methods to measure the content quality is HPLC and UV.

    At same time, we also sell related product hesperetin.

    Hesperidin is from the citrus plant like orange or grapefruit, it is a bioflavonoid which was widely used in medicine.

    The hesperidin we have now is from orange peel, the purity can reach 95%. The higher spec hesperidin have lighter color, it has good water solubility, suitable to process capsule, As raw materials of drugs for lowering cholesterol, anti-virus and anti-inflammatory, it can be used in pharmaceutical field, health and wellness product and cosmetics like tooth paste, which can help to inhibit the formation of tooth plaque, eliminate bad breath and prevent influenza virus infection.

    The heavy mental of hesperidin powder is less than 10ppm, the total plate count is less than 10000cfu per gram, further parameters can also be achieved by adding additional cost.


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