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  • Organic MCT Oil Powder

    Organic MCT Oil Powder

    1.MCT powder: Medium Chain Triglyceride
    2.Good oxidation stablility&Cooling stability&Solubleness&low viscosity

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    Organic MCT oil powder are available in YTBIOCHEM, the product we have are organic certified or conventional, and it is in stock all year round, so the lead time would be swift, generally 7 working days are enough to transport goods to port and finish custom work. If you are not familiar with exporting, we can do CIF.

    We are MCT oil powder bulk supplier in china. MCT, medium chain triglyceride, are obtained through chemical methods and widely used in preparation and processing of a variety of foods.

    C8 mct oil powder is saturated fatty acid with 8 carbon atoms, it is caprylic acid, which are generally considered medium chain fatty acid.

    MCT c8 powder and mct c10 powder(Saturated Fatty Acids with 10 carbon atoms) are extracted a mixture of saturated triglycerides like coconut oil or palm oil. C10 mct powder is capric acid and the content will be less than 95%.

    Pure mct oil powder are sourced from natural plant oils, it contains much lower calorie and is very suitable for keto-supplement. The odor and taste is neutral and no after taste.

    MCT oil in powder form can impart unique odor and color to food when it is dissolved. It can be used as an anti-sticking agent, ingredients in chewing gum, baked food, and also can replace mineral oil as lubricating oil, reducing the viscosity of lipophilic food ingredients such as vitamin E and lecithin.

    MCT oil powder

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