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  • Natural BlackBerry Extract Powder

    Natural BlackBerry Extract Powder

    Blackberry, also called dewberry, country of origin in North America, belongs to the rosaceae raspberries perennial liana, begin from two thousand years ago in ancient Greece, has formed by the wild locals have the custom of the Blackberry, the representative of the world by storm in recent years, the third generation of fruit varieties.The United Nations food and agriculture organization (fao) recognized the third generation of new special fruit, has been hailed as the European and American countries "the fruit of life", "black diamond"....

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    Blackberry are rich in procyanidins, SOD, selenium, ellagic acid and flavonoids, such as high efficiency antioxidant activity substances, 20 kinds of amino acids and trace elements, now found that more than 40 kinds of nutrient component, these procyanidins, SOD, such as amino acids, vitamins and calcium iron zinc selenium is several times as we know blueberries or even hundreds, was hailed as the European and American countries "the fruit of life", "black diamond".

    The bio active content of blackberry extract powder is anthocyanin, the test method is HPLC and UV, the anthocyanin can reach 25%, which widely used in cosmetics, health and wellness product, the heavy mental in blackberry extract are less than 10ppm, the shelf life is 2 year when stored in a place away from sunlight and oxygen.

    For blackberry extract we have different test method under Chinese pharmacopeia and Europe pharmacopeia, please feel free to let us know your needs, we will reply within 12 hours.

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