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  • Orange Peel

    Orange Peel

    1.Non-GMO, gluten free Organic Orange Peel(whole, slice, cut, powder)
    2.Orange peel is not only a great Chinese herbal medicine, but a food flavoring agent
    3.Orange peel is using fresh orange as material

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    Orange peel, rich in a lot of vitamin C and essential oils, can be brewed with tea, which is refreshing and has a fragrant taste. Orange peel has the functions of phlegm and is beneficial for health. Besides, orange peel is not only a great Chinese herbal medicine, but a food flavoring agent. Orange peel is using fresh orange as material and can be made into whole, slice, cut, powder.

    Our Dehydrated orange peel is made by natural orange collected from farm, after fresh orange was picked from farm, orange will be washed and peeled by machine. After process of dehydration, orange peel will be preserved to sell.

    Sun dried orange peel will go through longer time than dehydrated orange peel, the moisture in sun dried orange peel will be less than 15%, without any irradiation and additive, sun dried orange peel is natural and healthy to people in many ways. It offer rich vitamin and polyphenols which help to prevent many chronic diseases,such as obesity and diabetes.

    Granulated orange peel is suitable in form to add in tea bag, as orange peel has fragrant odour and light sweet taste. The size of granulated orange peel is around3-5mm but we can also process as per the request of customer.

    Ground orange peel can be added in ice cream, bakery food and other food and beverages like other fruit powders. Feel free to ask sample, spec and price of all of our orange products.

    Orange peel

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