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  • Organic Chamomile Flower Extract Powder

    Organic Chamomile Flower Extract Powder

    1, Chamomile extract powder is one of the flavonoids- more precisely one of the citrus bioflavonoids. Chamomile flower extract apigenin powder, just like most flavonoids, has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor properties.
    2, It is a nontoxic dietary flavonoid that has been shown to possess anti-tumor properties and therefore poses special interest for the development of a novel chemoprevention and chemotherapeutic agent for cancer.

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    For chamomile extract, it is from the plant chamomilla, whose bio active content is apigenin, the spec we can meet is from 1% to 98% according different needs of our customer. And as a common dietary flavonoid, it offer powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property.

    So for the chamomile flower extract, the most common application is cosmetic use. Also for cosmetics, high purity over 90% is better cause the color of high purity herbal extract powder has light color and it won’t dye the finished products.

    Organic chamomile extract now is certified in YTbiochem, the heavy mental is less than 10ppm, pesticide is conform with EU standards. Microbiological plate count can be controlled according to the needs of customer by adding additional value.

    We now also have stock some chamomilla extract powder in our EU warehouse for the convenience of local customer, please feel free to ask the updates of stock at anytime, we will reply within 12 hours.

    Chamomile extract powder is a light yellow fine powder, the higher spec has lighter color, it is suitable to applied in the industry of pharmaceutical, cosmetics, health supplement, welcome to ask us any information about our products.

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