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  • Organic Cordyceps Extract Powder

    Organic Cordyceps Extract Powder

    1, Wild cordyceps sinensis is also called the "caterpillar fungus." In the wild it grows on and acquires nutrients from several species of caterpillars.
    2, In China, it is referred to as "winter worm, summer grass." This fungus is found at high altitude in the mountains of China, Nepal, and Tibet.
    3, In traditional Chinese medicine,cordyceps sinensis is considered to benefit the lung and kidney channels. It is commonly used by the elder in China as a type of "super- ginseng" for rejuvenation and stamina.

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    Cordycep extract is from the plant Ophiocordyceps sinensis, which has a sweet taste and a calming nature. It returns to the lung and kidney meridian, nourishes the kidney and nourishes the lung, stops bleeding and reduces phlegm. Cordyceps contains 25%-30% crude protein, D-mannitol (ie cordycepic acid) 7%-29%, fat 8.4%, and still contains adenosine, ergosterol, vitamin B12, cordyceps polysaccharide, a variety of amino acids, etc.


    Cordycep acid, Polysaccharides, Cordycepin are the main bio active content in cordyceps sinensis extract, which can help to treat asthma, chronic bronchitis, cough and regulate blood pressure, besides, it is an anti-aging and anti-debilitating substance.


    For cordycep mushroom extract, the raw material is actually a plant of the genus Stachys in the Claviceps family. The fungus Cordyceps parasitic on the larvae of Helicoptera insects and the dry complex of the larvae corpses. The shelf life is 2years if keep it in original and sealed package away from heat and light, please feel free to send us inquiry to ask any information you need.

    Cordyceps extract powder is organic certified in YTBIOCHEM, can be used in nutritional supplements, health food and beverages and pharmaceuticals. We now have stock in EU for herbal extract.

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