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  • Organic Dry Ginger Root Powder

    Organic Dry Ginger Root Powder

    The powder is made from dried ginger plants, which, when ground, give off a warm, peppery smell with a hint of lemon....

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    Organic ground ginger powder is from the plant which scientific name is Zingiber officinale Rosc. It is a perennial herb in the ginger family. Rhizome with yellow-green flowers and pungent fragrance. The rhizome is used for medicinal purposes.

    Organic dry ginger powder can be used as cooking ingredients or made into pickles and sugar ginger. Aroma oil can be extracted from stems, leaves, and rhizomes, and used in food, beverages and cosmetic fragrances.

    As a very common spice in China, in which have a lot of planting farm to supply ginger to domestic people and other country in very competitive price, organic ginger root powder is available in YTBIOCHEM, we can provide EU and NOP TC to customer to clear custom, and ginger slice and ginger granule can be available too.

    The main ginger powder product is dehydrated ginger powder which has less cost than freeze dried and this way the flavour and taste of ginger wouldn’t be lost.

    Natural ginger powder in China was believed are capable to disperses cold, relieves phlegm and cough, stop vomiting and detoxification. It is often used for the treatment of symptoms such as exogenous wind-cold and stomach-cold and vomiting.

    The ginger is native to China and many other tropic places like india, basically those are two main region of ginger powder, please send us email to ask spec, sample and bulk price of our chinese ginger powder!

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