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  • Organic Fenugreek Extract Powder

    Organic Fenugreek Extract Powder

    1, Fenugreek extract for leguminous plants Trigonella foenum-graecum L.
    2, Rong fenugreek seed, has efficacy of warming the kidney, dispelling cold and relieving pain, for kidney deficiency and cold, cold and pain of abdomen, intestinal hernia, beriberi and other symptoms of cold dampness.

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    Fenugreek extract is from the plant Trigonella foenum-graecum L, the main bio active content from fenugreek extract is L-4 - Hydroxyisoleucine which we can meet from 1% to 50%,it is a yellow or brown fine powder.

    Organic fenugreek extract powder is certified in YTBIOCHEM, can be used in nutritional supplements, health food and beverages and pharmaceuticals. We now have stock in EU for herbal extract, but out of freshness keeping of product and usually herbal extract won’t be heavily needed, so we only have few hundred of kilogram.

    The main parameters in fenugreek extract like heavy mental is less than 10ppm, microbiological plate count is less than 3,000cfu per gram, further request can be achieved by adding additional cost.

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