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  • Organic Luo Han Guo Extract

    Organic Luo Han Guo Extract

    The extract is light yellow powder to brown extract.It is extremely sweet and 240 times sweeter than sucrose. It is almost as sweet as granulated sugar and has a slightly licorice aftertaste....

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    Monk fruit extract powder, also know as Luo Han Guo, native to Guangxi China, which has history of being cultivated over 300 years, and it is approved by China as medicinal and food materials. Its main function here is to relieve cough and resolve phlegm. The fruit has high nutritional value, and is rich in vitamin C (400 mg ~ 500 mg per 100 g of fresh fruit), glycosides, fructose, glucose, protein, lipids, etc.

    However, now pure monk fruit powder was mainly taken and approved as sweetener in many countries and EU is not inside. The biggest market of our monk fruit extract powder is North america.

    The bio active content of luo han guo powder is from is Mogroside V, the spec can be 1% to 50%.  Luo hanguo powder 50% mogroside V is 240 times sweet than sugar. And as a sweetener, it won’t take you any calorie, which is undoubtedly good for bakery lover and those may need loss weight but love sweet food.

    Not only powdered monk fruit sugar,we now also develop monk fruit syrup for better convenience of those customer from food and beverage and cosmetic, welcome to send us inquiry of product sample, bulk price and specification.

    Organic monk fruit is certified in YTbiochem, it is light yellow to creamy white fine powder, higher spec the lighter color. 1% mogroside monk fruit has brown color. The main parameter customer care like heavy mental is less than 10ppm, the microbiological plate count is less than 5000cfu per gram. Welcome to send email to ask any product information you need.

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