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  • Red Yeast Rice Extract Powder

    Red Yeast Rice Extract Powder

    1. It is a traditional Chinese medicine and food dual-use.
    2. It has been used for thousands of years in China.
    3. It is made from early rice by fermentation.
    4. It is mostly red or dark red, mainly used for food coloring.

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    The bio active content Monacolin in red yeast rice extract powder, also known as monascus rice, traditional Chinese medicine monascus and monascus pigment, is a kind of yellow natural pigment produced by monascus culture and fermentation in rice. It can reduce blood lipid and blood pressure, enhance liver function, promote cell metabolism and improve human immunity.

    Apart from the active content,the parameters in red rice extract like heavy metal will be controlled less than 10ppm totally, the citrintin is less than 1mg per kilogram and can be controlled to free status.

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