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  • Organic Reishi Extract

    Organic Reishi Extract

    1. Ganoderma lucidum mainly grows on rotten wood or stumps in the wild in coastal provinces of China. Its fruiting bodies are mainly medicinal;
    2. Our factory could offer organic reishi extract powder with EU and NOP organic certificate.

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    Organic reishi extract is from the plant which has long history to be take in China.People believe that reishi could treat many disease and delay age. The bio active content from reishi people want to get is polysaccharide, which can be meet from 10%-90%.

    For herbal extract we now have warehouse in EU and US, please feel free to ask updates about stock near you.

    The organic reishi extract powder has fine brown yellow appearance, the main parameter people especially care for reishi extract is heavy mental which can be controlled within 10ppm, we would show test report for customer before delivery of every batch.

    Welcome to reach us for more information.

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