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  • Organic Rosemary Extract

    Organic Rosemary Extract

    1)Rosemary is a kind of precious natural spice plant. During the growing season, it will send out a kind of fragrance and have the effect of refreshing the heart.
    2)Its stem, leaf and flower have pleasant fragrance, the fragrant oil extracted from flower and twig, can be used for the deployment of air cleaner, perfume, soap and other cosmetic raw materials, the most famous lotion is made with rosemary, and can be used in drinks, skin care oil, hair generation agent, laundry cream...

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    Rosemary leaf extract is from the plant rosmarinus officinalis which has the sedative and tranquilizing effect, and has certain curative effect on dyspepsia and stomachache.After mashing it more, drink with boiled water immerse hind, 1 day 2~3 times, can have composed, diuretic action.

    Pure rosemary extract can also be used to treat insomnia, palpitations, headaches, indigestion and other diseases. External use can treat trauma and arthritis. 

    Organic rosemary extract is certified, the main bio active content in rosemary is rosemarinic acid, the spec we can meet for standard rosemary extract is from 1% to 98%, the heavy mental can be controlled under 3000cfu per gram. 3gram rosemary extract is soluble in 100ml water.

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