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  • Organic White Ginseng Root Powder

    Organic White Ginseng Root Powder

    White ginseng is a kind of ginseng. In the ginseng processing products, in addition to red ginseng, a variety of processing, such as raw sun-dried ginseng, white sugar ginseng, white dried ginseng, generally referred to white ginseng, it has sweet taste with a little bitter and slight warm character....

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    The fleshy organic white ginseng root powder;is a strong tonic, which is suitable for regulating blood pressure, restoring heart function, neurasthenia and physical weakness. It also has the effects of expectorant, stomach invigoration, diuresis and excitement.

    Ginseng root powder;is ground ginseng. Generally, fresh ginseng is collected at the planting base. After cleaning and manual cutting of the ginseng rootlet, the ginseng will be dried in the sun, then ground into powder by a machine, and then stored in packages.

    Organic ginseng powder is certified in YTbiochem, we could issue organic certified eu and nop certificate, but organic certified ginseng has MOQ request, please feel free to let us know how much you need, we always follow the rule, bigger quantity, better price.

    Panax ginseng powder is the are available in organic and conventional quality. As ginseng has long history of being medicine or health products in China, it is now also widely used in pharmaceuticals and wellness product.

    The heavy mental of panax ginseng root powder are less than 10ppm, generally microbiology is less than 5000cfu/g, futher parameters can be achieved with additional cost.


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