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  • Passion Flower Extract

    Passion Flower Extract

    1, Passion flower extract targets the central nervous system and works to ease tension and prevent twitching in the muscles.
    2, This calming effect does not affect brain function or respiratory rate, unlike what most pharmaceutical sedatives do.>br> 3, Natural passionflower extract is therefore much safer than medications with sedative effects.

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    Passiflora extract is rich in a variety of biologically active ingredients containing chrysin, tetraphyllinB-4-sulfate, leaves containing flavonoidglycosi-des, diphenolic flavone pigments, mono phenolic foavonosides, and the whole plant contains apigenin and C-glucose derivatives of luteolin which including vitexin, isoorientin, apigenin-8-C-diglucoside apigenin-8-C-diglucoside. It also contains lipids. Flowers and clusters contain pyrocatechol, gallicacid, palmiticacid, myristecaced, sitosterol, glucose, etc.

    The main bio active content in passiflora incarnata flower extract is Flavones, we have spec of flavones 5% and ratio extract like 6:1. Passion flower extract can boost sleep,reduce anxiety and nervousness, also it is a antispasmodic.


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