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  • Polygonum Multiflorum Extract

    Polygonum Multiflorum Extract

    1, He Shou Wu strengthens and stabilizes the lower back and knees. It is used to enhance sexual drive, increase sperm count and to strengthen sperm and ova.
    2, It is widely used in Asia to maintain the youthful condition and color of the hair. It will calm the nervous system. Because it has components that are potent antioxidants with gentle anti-inflammatory action in the liver, it can clear the eyes.

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    He shou wu extract, or polygonum multiflorum extract which as latin name of the plant, often the root is the main part of which contain bio active content like emodin, chrysophanol, physcion,rhein, chrysophanol anthrone, resveratrol, piceid and so on.

     The main active cotent in Polygonum multiflorum extract is Glucoside, which we can meet the from content 5% to 90%. We could also process ratio extract according to the request from our customer, at same time the heavy mental, microbiological plate count all can be reduced within the capacity of our factory.

     Foti extract, as another name of he shou wu, could help to protect myocardial, nerve, liver, enhance adrenocortical function,immunity, and delay age process, lower blood fat and anti-artery congee and so on. It is widely applied in pharmaceutical industry, health and wellness industry.

     Certified Organic he shou wu is available in YTbiochem, and for herbal extract we also have stock in EU and US for convenience of our customer from different region.We aim to provide product with best quality, if there is any problem about quality after receipt of goods, we will return the payment to make up your loss.

     He shou wu extract powder is mainly tested by HPLC which is a trustable method to confirm the bio active content. We have a excellent research and develop team to stand behind us, our quality can be assured and every batch before delivery will all be tested for different parameters customer always want to know. Welcome to send us email for any information you need.

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