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  • Schisandra Berry

    Schisandra Berry

    1, Schisandra is native to East Asia, and its dried fruit is used medicinally.
    2, The berries of S.chinensis are given the name Wu Wei Zi in Chinese, which translate as "five flavor fruit" because they possess all five basic flavors in Chinese herbal medicine: salty, sweet, sour, spicy and bitter.
    3, In traditional Chinese medicine it is used as a remedy for many ailments: to resist infection, increase skin health, and combat insomnia, coughing, and thirst.

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    Schisandra berry is a typical chinese traditional berry medical use.

    Organic schisandra berry is certified, we generally process 2-5mm cut for tea customer. Schisandra berry has slight sour and sweet taste, we have dehydrated and freeze dried and sun dried schisandra berry for different purpose, please feel free to send us inquiry.

    Schisandra powder is ground schisandra, which can be used in beverage, it is Non-GMO, gluten free, kosher certified, diary free, vegan, no filler and full of vitamin A and vitamin C, it also can be applied in bakery, confectionery and bars.

    The bio active content of schisandra chinensis extract is Schizandrins, which will be needed in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, dietary supplements. Schisandra exract could protect liver from damage of chemical poisons and scavenge free radicals, it also enhance immunity system, intelligence and boost human physical endurance.

    The heavy mental in organic schisandra berry powder is less than 10ppm generally and microbiological plate count is less than 10,000cfu per gram, which can be reduced by adding additional cost.

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