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  • Sclareolide


    Product Name: Sclareolide
    CAS No.: 564-20-5
    Source from:Salvia Sclarea L
    Appearance: off-white or white crystals powder
    Sclareolide is widely used in fragrant compound and flavorings.

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    Sclareolide can be mainly used in perfume,food and health product for its function of flavouring.

    Perfume industry: it is mainly used for synthesis of natural ambroxan which is ambergris substitute and also for the preparation of essence. This product is an excellent tobacco flavor-enhancing and flavoring agent. In mixed cigarettes, it can cover up the coarse and miscellaneous fumes of tobacco, improve the quality of cigaratte aroma, endowing tobacco with pleasant characteristic flavour, making cigarettes more gentle and mellow, which is an effective flavor enhancing and correction agent.

    Food industry: Sclareolide would improve the sensory perception of food, so it has been widely used in the food industry like the food containing sweet flavoring, as a flavoring agent, it increase the olfactory effect of food. When a small amount of aromatic sclareolide is added in the coffee industry, the taste of coffee will be more bitter and fresh.

    Health product industry: Sclareolide has been widely used in weight loss products because it helps increase body mass when reducing body fat in the absence of cardiovascular stimulation. The weight-lossing products contain sclareolide have more markets in US, Japan and EU.


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