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  • Turmeric Powder Organic

    Turmeric Powder Organic

    1.Product name: turmeric powder organic.
    2.Origin: China.
    3.Certificate: NOP & EU organic certificate.
    4.In Stock: yes.

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    Turmeric powder organic quality is available, it is a kind of ginger plant that is abundant in southern China, is a dual-use medicine for medicine and food. Traditional medicine believes that it has the effects of relieving pain, promoting blood circulation, promoting cold and eliminating inflammation. The main chemical component of modern research is curcumin. 

    Our turmeric ground powder comes from raw and organic turmeric. It is 100% pure, Non-GMO , and vegan without any addition. We have NOP & EU organic certificates.

    Wild turmeric powder has a long history as a seasoning in Asia and it can be used to reduce inflammation, accelerate wound healing and relieve pain. Recent research has shown that it can also fight diabetes. 

    Turmeric can improve the function of human skin, and regular consumption can effectively reduce allergic redness and other phenomena. And turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, so it has a good adjuvant effect on certain skin problems such as acne. To use of skin care products containing turmeric powder is very beneficial to the health of our skin.

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