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  • Stachyose


    1. Shelf Life: 2 Years.
    2. Extraction type: water extraction.
    3. CAS No.: 54261-98-2.
    4. Specification: 70%-80%.

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    Stachyose is a kind of natural tetrasaccharide, which can significantly promote the proliferation of bifidobacteria and other beneficial bacteria. Its molecular structure is galactose galactose glucose fructose. The pure product is white powder, slightly sweet, with a sweetness of 22% of sucrose.

    Stachyose, commonly known as: food with beneficial bacteria. The test method of stachyose is HPLC, CAS No.: 54261-98-2, Molecular Formula C24H42O21, stachyose is an excellent prebiotics, functional oligosaccharide. In The United States, it has been allowed to use as food before 1994, the "2010 No. 17 Notice" of the Chinese Ministry of Health approved that it can be used as ordinary food.


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    Physical & Chemical Data

    AppearanceWhite powderConforms
    Analytical Quality

    Particle sizeNLT 95% through 80 mesh0.9857
    Stachyose (on dry basis)≥90.0%0.919
    Loss on drying≤5.0%0.0358
    Ash≤0.8 %0.0001
    Heavy Metals

    Lead (Pb) ≤0.5 mg/kgNegative
    Arsenic (As) ≤0.5 mg/kgNegative
    Cadmium (Cd)≤l.0mg/kgNegative
    Mercury (Hg)≤0.5 mg/kgNegative

    Total plate count≤1,000 CFU/g10CFU/g
    Mold & yeast≤100 CFU/g20CFU/g
    Coliforms10cfu/g MaxUSP

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