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  • Stevia Leaf Extract Organic

    Stevia Leaf Extract Organic

    1. Stevia Leaf Extract Organic has Low calorific value and good water solubility;
    2. It owns Cool and sweet taste with high stability;

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    Stevia Leaf Extract Organic (commonly known as stevioside) is a new type of natural sweetener extracted from the stevia herb. According to the international sweetener industry, stevia leaf extract has been widely used in the production of food, beverages and seasonings in Asia, North America, South America and the European Union. China is the world's leading producer of stevia leaf extract.

    At YT Biochem, we can provide you best quality of stevia extract powder without any addition, it is 100% pure, Non-GMO, and certified by NOP and EU organic certificates.

    Natural stevia extract is a purely natural product. At the same time, it is safe and has been comprehensively reviewed and scientifically proven by many international organizations, including the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee (JECFA) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). The stevia extract was added to foods and beverages without side effects or allergies.

    Stevia Leaf Extract Organic - YT Biochem

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