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  • Black Goji Berry Organic

    Black Goji Berry Organic

    1. Black Goji Berry Organic is rich in nutritions;
    2. It's always used in Tea bag and Medical areas;

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    Black Goji Berry Organic is rich in nutritions. And its nutritional value and medicinal value are far higher than goji berry, which known as the "noble of goji". Black goji berry is rich in more than 60 essential nutrients such as protein, fat, sugar, free amino acids, organic acids, minerals, trace elements, alkaloids and vitamins. Among them, trace elements such as calcium, zinc and iron are several times than goji berry. 

    Long-term consumption of our wild black wolfberry can nourish the nerves, strengthen the body and prolong life. Therefore, in China,  black goji berry is known as "soft gold." 

    At YT Biochem, you can buy the best quality of black goji berry, in addition, we also can supply black goji powder with beautiful color and good quality, they are all certified by NOP and EU Organic certificates.

    wild black wolfberry - YT Biochem

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